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Day out with knitting

Yesterday, I met up with Liz for her birthday day out; we went to look at lovely things at the De Morgan Centre. This little bit of culture was sandwiched between coffee with birthday presents and a long pub lunch. Lunch and knitting evaporated the afternoon very happily.

At Ally Pally last year, I bought a skein of Hand Maiden Angel Hair in a beautiful greeny blue colourway. I intended to knit Icarus, but was thwarted by the difficulty I had knitting with the yarn and promptly renamed it Devil's Spawn. After frogging the beginning of the shawl several times, I gave up and passed the remaining yarn over to Liz so she could knit herself something with it. She's good at dealing with yarn I can't handle! Yesterday, a nicely wrapped package was shoved in my direction and I was told to open it.



She'd knitted Icarus for me in the Devil's Spawn and it's gorgeous! 'Thanks' seemed a rather inadequate thing to say...