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On & off again

I'm going to stop posting pics of new-on-the-needles stuff - it's asking for trouble! I knitted more of the Koigu shawl last night, trying to ignore the beginning of some pooling issues and hoping in vain that the yarn would miraculously unpool itself as I knitted. It's back to the beginning again...


On & off the needles


Off the needles, but not yet blocked, is the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl in Shepherd Sock. I knitted 17 repeats before the edging and used almost two skeins of yarn. I had about 3 metres of yarn left.


On the needles now is another of the same, this time in Koigu KPPPM. I love this pattern; it's fairly mindless knitting but still keeps me interested. I'm giving an Addi Turbo Lace circ a whirl and it handles very nicely indeed. Should say that I'm not too keen on the faint whiff of cleaning-brass-with-Duraglit that wafts under my nose while knitting...


Destined to be next on the needles is Vyvyan Neel's Argosy Wrap, a free download from Knitting in a Happy Camper, knitted in Noro Silk Garden, colourway 226. The original wrap's knitted in three colourways of Kureyon (itchy, scratchy stuff) but I think Silk Garden is much nicer to knit with.

Project 365 - April 3


April 3 - living with a cat means taking part in an unequal struggle. Flossie and I have been struggling for months over the laundry basket. I want to keep laundry in it; Flossie thinks it's a great place to snooze in. I'm fed up with picking laundry off the floor and cat hairs off the laundry. I've given in. Miss Stroppy Flossie gets the basket.

Blown it

The yarn diet, that is. I knitted at Stash Yarns yesterday and came home with non-sock yarn. Gulp. There was a good crowd at Stash including Nic, Diane, Alice, Ruth, Fiona, Jackie, Lisa, Jill and Amelia. Michelle popped in looking and feeling fairly exhausted after moving house last week.


JaggerSpun Zephyr in Plum and Copper to add to the stash; three skeins of Koigu to make another Forest Canopy Shawl. I'm almost up to the edging on the Lorna's Laces one - pics when I block it - and the Koigu is wound and ready to go. I'm knitting the shawl on 3.5mm KnitPicks Options which are lovely and sharp, but do have a tendency to come unscrewed. Maybe it's the way I knit that does it...


More yarn! April's skeins from the Yarn Yard Sock Club and below, sock yarn specially dyed for me by Natalie. I suggested lime green and purple and the yarn looks gorgeous. Thanks, Natalie!


I'd better go click some needles and finish things before the new yarn becomes irresistible...