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Going on behind the scenes...

This is coming along nicely. In real life, the yarn's a much deeper, richer colour than it looks here.


I've finished crocheting another ripple blanket - this one's fairly small, just big enough to chuck over my knees when it gets chilly (real winter chilly, not chilly-for-June). Look at all those ends that still need sewing in!


I looked, I resisted, I looked again and couldn't resist any longer. My favourite yarn in my favourite colour; now sadly discontinued by Jaeger. This came from Cucumberpatch, who still have stocks of Extra Fine Merino DK at a very good price.


Project 365 - June 21


June 21 - nice Sony Vaio laptop; Windows Vista, so far, is pretty bloody irritating. I have a brand new modem, up-to-the-minute Vista-compatible modem drivers installed and no success in getting any of them to cooperate with each other. After four calls to my ISP, one call to Microsoft and two calls to Sony, I'm no further along the road to having a functioning broadband connection on the laptop than I was this lunchtime. Oh, and Sony's helpline shuts at 6pm. Helpful.

I'm posting this from the old computer. I think I need to go pour myself a stiff G&T....

What's OTN, Jan?

I'm still knitting away; I can't concentrate enough to knit anything remotely complicated so these are all very simple...


Kim Hamlin's Rectangle Shawl from Blue Sky Alpacas knitted in Colinette Cadenza DK, colour Copperbeech, on a 4.5mm KnitPicks circular. I'm working the shawl over 81 stitches, not the 101 given in the pattern, and it's a very nice knit.


Yes, yet another Forest Canopy! This one's knitted in Sea Silk, colour Vintage, on a 3mm Addi Turbo Lace circular...complete with occasional whiffs of Duraglit...


Several plain vanilla socks are on the go; this one's Regia Mosaik, colour 5580, from Astrid, the one below is Trekking XXL, colour 109, from Stash Yarns.



There's also a little crochet going on - this is a rectangular wrap using el-cheapo-but-very-nice-sock-yarn in shades of grey. I hope the lacy stitch will stop it looking like a horse blanket...

This has gone Into the frog pond; I couldn't seem to keep the right number of stitches on the needle. Moving stressful? Nah Probably...