Project 365 - June 16
Project 365 - June 17

What's OTN, Jan?

I'm still knitting away; I can't concentrate enough to knit anything remotely complicated so these are all very simple...


Kim Hamlin's Rectangle Shawl from Blue Sky Alpacas knitted in Colinette Cadenza DK, colour Copperbeech, on a 4.5mm KnitPicks circular. I'm working the shawl over 81 stitches, not the 101 given in the pattern, and it's a very nice knit.


Yes, yet another Forest Canopy! This one's knitted in Sea Silk, colour Vintage, on a 3mm Addi Turbo Lace circular...complete with occasional whiffs of Duraglit...


Several plain vanilla socks are on the go; this one's Regia Mosaik, colour 5580, from Astrid, the one below is Trekking XXL, colour 109, from Stash Yarns.



There's also a little crochet going on - this is a rectangular wrap using el-cheapo-but-very-nice-sock-yarn in shades of grey. I hope the lacy stitch will stop it looking like a horse blanket...

This has gone Into the frog pond; I couldn't seem to keep the right number of stitches on the needle. Moving stressful? Nah Probably...


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