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June 21 - nice Sony Vaio laptop; Windows Vista, so far, is pretty bloody irritating. I have a brand new modem, up-to-the-minute Vista-compatible modem drivers installed and no success in getting any of them to cooperate with each other. After four calls to my ISP, one call to Microsoft and two calls to Sony, I'm no further along the road to having a functioning broadband connection on the laptop than I was this lunchtime. Oh, and Sony's helpline shuts at 6pm. Helpful.

I'm posting this from the old computer. I think I need to go pour myself a stiff G&T....


Oh how cross-ness-making.
We have two systems, the old (er... it's all relative, since it's only three years old now) pc is using XP, and I am hoping against hope that it never breaks as I remember how horrible all that setting up was to do. My mac, on the other hand, just worked within ten minutes.... and continues to. Sorry, you probably didn't need to know that right now!

I was very tempted to buy a Mac instead of a Vaio...!

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