Project 365 - July 15
Project 365 - July 16

A postcard without pictures from Brighton...

Hello from Brighton's Jubilee Library! The move went well; I'm settled in the flat and finding my way round Brighton. It's very odd not having internet access and it's made me realise how much I depend on the net for everyday things (weather, news, shopping, blog reading) as well as for keeping in touch with friends. I can't upload photos from this computer - I've been keeping up with Project 365 and will post a couple of weeks of pics as soon as I can.


Hello there, I kept visiting, hoping you'd be here soon.

Yoo Hooo,
Waves across the South Downs.

Glad you got there all safe and sound!

Does Floss have butter on her paws????


Great to hear that you're settling in. Looking forward to hearing more about Brighton!

Glad to hear the move went well and that you and Flossie are settling into your new home.

Glad the move went well. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Brighton.......all those little alleys with antique shops. Let me know what the bead shop is like, have you found any shops selling yarn yet?

Glad to hear you have settled in. Keep us posted.

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