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July 11 - I'd forgotten about this photo until I was sorting through a box of stuff that came out of an old filing cabinet. I get the costumes, but can't make out why the girls are striking rather threatening poses. Are they just about to start some complicated tap dance routine? Any other ideas?

I'm sick of packing/chucking out/more packing; but the end is almost in sight! I'm moving to Brighton next Wednesday, July 18. If any London bloggers/non-bloggers fancy joining me for a farewell knit, I'll be hanging out at Stash Yarns this Saturday.


Where are the other forty-eight..........? Perhaps they are preparing to march to catch-up!

Are you one of them?

I've no idea who they are - the photo was a charity shop find.

Something to do with Alice in Wonderland, perhaps?

I think Alice in Wonderland too. Yes, I'll be at Stash.

I would love to be there on Saturday but we are away all day .Let us know if and when you are ever coming back up to Stash in the future. Best of luck with the rest of the packing/ move- I hope you (and Flossie ) feel settled soon !

Sorry I can't be there on Saturday, I'm away for the weekend. Hope all goes well with the rest of the packing and the move. I have a couple of your books that still need signing - any excuse for a trip to Brighton!!!! Take care and keep in touch. Will miss the chats. Jacqui xx

I think Alice in Wonderland too! Have fun on Saturday and good luck with the move - hope Flossie isn't too freaked out.

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