Project 365 - July 14
A postcard without pictures from Brighton...

Project 365 - July 15


July 15 - neat and well-organised, eh? You should see the rest of the flat....

I won't be blogging again this week, but I'll still be taking photos every day and plan to upload a week's worth at a time over the next few months. Thanks to everyone who sent and posted encouraging emails and comments; keep in touch!


See you by the seaside then next! I'll email ... don't expect to receive a reply ... your puter probably already in a box neatly labeled as we speak LOL Lotsalove Bee

Hope your move goes well and that you and Flossie settle into your new home quickly. Gill x

Good luck with the move. We moved house at the end of March & I don't envy you at all.

Hope the move goes well and that you'll have a very happy new home.

So sorry I couldn't make it to Stash to say goodbye properly. Looking forward to a seaside visit, though! All the best for the move. You'll get there!

How is it all going? Have you been able to unpack yet? I hope your new nest is warm and dry.

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