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The story so far...

Well, I'm settling in by the seaside in spite of no landline and no internet at the flat. It's very strange without the internet though - it's the first time I've been without it for sixteen or so years, apart from the odd day due to technical problems, and there's a big gap in my life. No internet shopping either! Sad, isn't it?

On a more positive note, I met up with two of the knitting groups here in Brighton and visited a new yarn shop, Purl, last week. I took photos (still doing that every day) of the shop interior and various other things, but I'm still finding it tricky trying to upload them. I can use a friend's broadband, but that crashes when it feels like it (technical term), sometimes every few minutes. This should be getting fixed fairly soon, so maybe normal service will resume at some point. Thanks for the comments, sorry it takes me days to approve/post them!

Project 365 photos coming soon.....