Project 365 - November 12
I'm back!

A quick update ...

I've moved (and I solemnly swear that I'm never, ever doing it again....) and have reached that more-tired-than-tired stage, but the flat's great and there will be pics when the boxes are unpacked!

I'm still taking a photo every day and have a stack to upload. I have a working landline (hoo-bloody-ray) and broadband's ordered, so normal service should resume fairly quickly. Can't wait....


Congratulations on your new home, can't wait for normal service to return

Glad it's all done and hope it all went smoothly. How's Flossie liking her new home?

I'm really looking forward to you posting your photographs daily again, you have such a good eye for a pleasing composition. Now you have the sea, the sky and the beautiful buildings. Mmmmm

Flossie seems to have settled pretty well - although she's not ventured out of the balcony door yet.....

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