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I'm with you! may I put this:

In the same bucket please?


I'm gibbering.

It's just as well you didn't realise you weren't meant to be able to hold and manipulate books while you were actually writing them, isn't it...

Unfortunately my Occupational Therapist friend Sue, who will have vocabulary for exactly which *sort* of patronising this is, is currently without Internet access...

Just GAH!!!!

another baby boomr here! time for grumpy old knitters to strike back, I think ...

Blinkered and ignorant. Who needs 'em?

It's just stupid. The woman looks frightened of yarn, not to mention incapable of more than 2 seconds' consecutive thought. I think it will bomb, and that's what it deserves.

Yes, to Sue. I actually bought that Classic knits book and it's very bad.

It's not just you!

Heather xx


Is'nt ''Grumpy Old Knitters'' an interesting book title......


A silly book. The publisher is on some bandwagon. Trying to sell to a certain age group. Trying to make a buck off of the knitting "craze". Etc.
It's just plain stupid; and condescending.

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