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Mojo's back!

I seem to be getting back into knitting after a socks-only spell. I've finished this,


a broken rib scarf with garter stitch borders, using the skein of Colinette Jitterbug that Liz gave me at Christmas. It was a really nice knit and the yarn is so soft yet sproingy that the stitch pattern shows up really well. And, no pooling!

Then some samples of 5 ply Guernsey yarn arrived from Frangipani. I've always fancied designing and knitting a gansey incorporating traditional patterns from along the Yorkshire coast, but couldn't get excited about any of the available yarn colours. Until I saw these, thanks to a tip-off from Annie.


I like Heather (well, how could I not? It's purple) but Ocean Deep looks rather lovely. Ah, decisions, decisions....


According to Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase & Fable (try saying it quickly...), wool-gathering means this: 'To let one's mind wander from the matter in hand; to be absent-minded'. That sums up my not-quite-on-the-ball state of mind very neatly. Oh, and I've been getting rather sidetracked by exploring the delights of Ravelry...

It was lovely to wake up to some sunshine this morning, even though the light was weak and watery


and for good measure, here's some Saturday sea to go with the Saturday sky.


Since I last posted, I've had visits from Sue, Brigid and Liz to see the Hove Museum part of the Indigo exhibition before it closed, do a little knitting and lots of eating! Liz gave me this splendid felted cushion as one of my Christmas presents


and a skein of JitterBug in the Mardi Gras colourway.


Seriously bright and really gorgeous!


This was one of my Christmas presents to Liz and I'm really pleased with how it turned out - it's the Scotch Thistle Lace Stole from HeartStrings knitted in Schaefer Anne. The stole takes one skein of yarn and I had only a tiny bit left over...

Doing the usual New Year things...

...hanging up calendars, moving birthday details from old to new diary, totting up how many books I read last year (the total was 90 - 81 fiction and 9 nonfiction). I did find time for a walk along the seafront which was fairly busy, but only a few people ventured onto the beach.


Not a lot of knitting going on here apart from the usual socks on two circulars - I think my Knitting Mojo is hibernating...