Planks as far as the eye can see

Mojo's back!

I seem to be getting back into knitting after a socks-only spell. I've finished this,


a broken rib scarf with garter stitch borders, using the skein of Colinette Jitterbug that Liz gave me at Christmas. It was a really nice knit and the yarn is so soft yet sproingy that the stitch pattern shows up really well. And, no pooling!

Then some samples of 5 ply Guernsey yarn arrived from Frangipani. I've always fancied designing and knitting a gansey incorporating traditional patterns from along the Yorkshire coast, but couldn't get excited about any of the available yarn colours. Until I saw these, thanks to a tip-off from Annie.


I like Heather (well, how could I not? It's purple) but Ocean Deep looks rather lovely. Ah, decisions, decisions....


The scarf is v.snazzy/jazzy (I was going to try and find a third rhyming adjective but that would be pushing it) - I really like what the stitch pattern has done to the colourway. Is this your own pattern?

Thanks, EJ! It's my own pattern - I'll go find my notes and blog it.

Looks gorgeous, Jan! Have you got the Jitterbug bug then? (If you want any more, I could nip over to I Knit London some evening next week..., she says, self-sacrificingly)

Don't encourage me! I thought I might try the same pattern in STR next...

"Sproingy"? That would be a technical term, no?

Lovely lace sock.

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