These are the last ones
It's snowing by the sea...


It's one of those grey, dull days by the seaside which makes the inhabitants grumpy and directionless, judging by the amount of times I was barged into on the way back from the Post Office. Even the seagulls seem bored and have nothing better to do than stand atop a streetlight, staring down Hove Street first in one direction,


and then in the other.


They're probably wondering why the light is on at 2pm, or maybe it gives off heat and they're actually warming their feet... Oh dear, it'll be speech bubbles next!

I'm not bored today, just ploughing through a load of socks that need afterthought heels and grafted toes,


and admiring the rest of my shelves now they're filled.


I haven't blogged for ages, so I'll leave you with a couple of photos taken on Good Friday; Flossie in the sunshine,


and the obligatory sea shot, this time with ship.



I like the long neck glassware. It looks a lovely collection, are they Italian?

Those seagulls are hilarious!

Just had a thought, I know what those seagulls are, they are disguised surveillance cameras!

Top right - Isle of Wight studio glass c1973-1982 designed by Michael Harris; bottom left - Lava-glass c1970 by Holmegaard designed by Per Lutken

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