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It's one of those grey, dull days by the seaside which makes the inhabitants grumpy and directionless, judging by the amount of times I was barged into on the way back from the Post Office. Even the seagulls seem bored and have nothing better to do than stand atop a streetlight, staring down Hove Street first in one direction,


and then in the other.


They're probably wondering why the light is on at 2pm, or maybe it gives off heat and they're actually warming their feet... Oh dear, it'll be speech bubbles next!

I'm not bored today, just ploughing through a load of socks that need afterthought heels and grafted toes,


and admiring the rest of my shelves now they're filled.


I haven't blogged for ages, so I'll leave you with a couple of photos taken on Good Friday; Flossie in the sunshine,


and the obligatory sea shot, this time with ship.


These are the last ones

I've finally finished unpacking all the moving boxes and they're neatly stacked in the hall waiting for the rubbish shifters to take them away for recycling. Most of the contents have found a home; a little, er, stuff still lingers round the flat in unlovely piles...



Not much to report on the knitting front as I've been far too busy with the aforementioned box emptying, but I have my sights set on this pattern as my next project. Not in Kidsilk Haze though; YMMV, but I think it's nasty to knit with and far too tickly to wear round my neck...

No post from the seaside is ever really complete without a photo of the sea.


This was taken yesterday when the sea was a surprisingly bright blue. Today, it's dirty beige and choppy, so that looks like lousy weather over Easter. What a surprise!

The lousy weather...

...has prompted me to knit a woolly hat. That's in spite of the much-photographed Hat Hysteria at Ally Pally in 2006. This one's really nice; slightly daft in shape and adorned with earflaps to keep my ears toasty in the wind. And you get a lot of wind by the sea...



It's a free downloadable pdf pattern from Alarming Female; I knitted the hat in Big Mexiko Color, shade 7962, from Web of Wool.

Talking about the weather, it was all a bit on the wild side earlier in the week. Brrr...




This week, there has been an improvement to the the sleeping arrangements at Wibbo Towers, namely the arrival of a spare bed so any visitor no longer has to sleep (try to sleep?) on the floor. I'm still looking for the perfect throw to cover the bed and have been wrapping cushions and pillows in various blankets and shawls to try out colour schemes. So far, blues and browns  look good, maybe with a splash or two of deep red and purple. Not to mention the decorative possibilities of added cat hairs...


Getting there...

The living room's beginning to take shape (let's not mention any of the B words like Boxes and Bedroom shall we). This is how the back of the room was looking at the start of the week,



by late Tuesday


and by Wednesday afternoon, we have total transformation.




Pretty nice, eh? A few more shelves are being made for the right-hand bookcase, but I'm really happy! It was designed, made and fitted by Richard Hill Interiors who were great. Now, I'd better go do something about those spaghetti cables writhing around on the floor...

Finished and sea

I've finished a couple of things since my last post, but let's begin with sea and a few rooftops. It's been lovely weather here (apart from Thursday, when it chucked down) although a bit on the windy side over the last few days. Substitute Hove for Skegness; very bracing!


Done and dusted are the group project edging (and no, I didn't volunteer to stitch it round the project...can't keep all the fun jobs for myself, can I?) and the pink freeform. I'm pleased with this piece and I enjoyed myself. It warranted lots of photos,


so if freeform's not your thing, look away now!