Getting there...
These are the last ones

The lousy weather...

...has prompted me to knit a woolly hat. That's in spite of the much-photographed Hat Hysteria at Ally Pally in 2006. This one's really nice; slightly daft in shape and adorned with earflaps to keep my ears toasty in the wind. And you get a lot of wind by the sea...



It's a free downloadable pdf pattern from Alarming Female; I knitted the hat in Big Mexiko Color, shade 7962, from Web of Wool.

Talking about the weather, it was all a bit on the wild side earlier in the week. Brrr...




This week, there has been an improvement to the the sleeping arrangements at Wibbo Towers, namely the arrival of a spare bed so any visitor no longer has to sleep (try to sleep?) on the floor. I'm still looking for the perfect throw to cover the bed and have been wrapping cushions and pillows in various blankets and shawls to try out colour schemes. So far, blues and browns  look good, maybe with a splash or two of deep red and purple. Not to mention the decorative possibilities of added cat hairs...



Love the hat!
The weather is exactly the same here!
The cushion colours look great - love the one with the bright green eyes!
Can I come to stay........?

As soon as you mentioned the word hat I started smiling! Somewhere I have photos of that day.....

Nice hat! And I love those rainy photos--

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