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Lost two weeks of my life

I've been busy being poorly, coughing, sweating and sneezing for England, but I'm feeling rather better now. I still can't hear properly but everything else seems to be in working order. Mindless crochet has kept me sane over the last couple of weeks.





Half a dozen pots and a large buttonhole bag, all made in Freedom Spirit which felts like a dream. I'll post a right-way-up pic of the bag when it's finished drying.

You wouldn't believe the mess one seagull can make on a windy day...


Germs and more seagulls

I have germs; horrible cold germs. The sort that make you sneeze and cough all the time, not to mention the sore throat and earache...I've almost lost my voice (some may say that's no bad thing) and I've been plunged into that weird, echoey, bunged-up world of not being able to hear properly. A friend of mine calls this 'mermaid's ears' which is a pretty good description.

I'd rather be a seagull sitting in the sunshine and watching the world go by