Germs and more seagulls
A bit on the big side

Lost two weeks of my life

I've been busy being poorly, coughing, sweating and sneezing for England, but I'm feeling rather better now. I still can't hear properly but everything else seems to be in working order. Mindless crochet has kept me sane over the last couple of weeks.





Half a dozen pots and a large buttonhole bag, all made in Freedom Spirit which felts like a dream. I'll post a right-way-up pic of the bag when it's finished drying.

You wouldn't believe the mess one seagull can make on a windy day...



Ohhhh! I believe what seagulls can do, especially when people on holiday feed them with Fish and Chips!


Is there a pattern for the bag?

Hot and snuffly seems so much worse in spring than in autumn/winter!
Freedom spirit is my very favourite yarn for felting, but my latest batch of pots came out teeny weeny as I did them at 60 degrees by mistake (I like the result I get from a long 40 degree wash with violent spin). Do you go up in hook size when felting? I like using 5.5mm.

Julie: No pattern as such for the bag - made it up as I went along.... Started with a long dc rectangle for the base, then worked in alternate rounds of dc and tr, making two big buttonholes for the handles.

Rosie: These were felted on a 60 degree short wash - the fabric's still quite soft which is nice for pots, but the bag needs another wash to stiffen it up. I use a 4mm hook - I find that the more closely worked the fabric is, the less it shrinks. Also depends on your washing machine and the length of cycle - Liz felts knitted Freedom Spirit in her machine at 30 degrees. In my machine, nothing felts at this temperature!

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