Finished felt
Bleeding dye...

Beautiful weather

We're having some beautiful weather down here on the Sussex coast.


The sun is shining, the mercury's rising and most of the trees I can see from my balcony have burst into leaf.


This is the view looking eastwards across Hove Street - can you see that strange little roof structure on the left? I've no idea what it is, but here it is a bit closer. Any ideas?


As well as enjoying the sunshine, I've been finishing a few things socks.


Most of the pairs that have been hanging around needing afterthought heels have been heeled, but a few pairs still need grafting.


I'm a big fan of Lucy Neatby's toe chimney (heel chimney?) method of grafting, but for some reason I have to turn each sock inside out and work the grafting stitches from the wrong side. It works for me amd the result looks pretty good...

Here's Flossie on the balcony, masquerading as a brown cat in the sunshine.




My hands up!
The structure is a roof top garden shed!
Is it...........?

I reckon that mystery structure must be a shed. Even men who live in top floor flats appear to need sheds to escape into... Or maybe it is a beach hut for someone allergic to sand? Most intriguing.

The socks look splendid (as does Flossie).

Could it be an observatory? Does it face the sea?

I think it's a secret yarn stashing shed.

Awesome cat by the way!!!

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