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A short morning walk, plus a little knitting content

I turned right out of the block's front door and walked down Princes Avenue, crossing Princes Square

June 29 museum

(that's Hove Museum at the top of Princes Square - it's not actually a square just a short wide road) then down Princes Crescent and crossed over Kingsway (main coast road) to the seafront.

June 29 beach huts

Walking towards Hove Lagoon - it's still early enough to be fairly quiet along here.

June 29 piers in distance

Looking back in the opposite direction, I can see Brighton's West and Palace Piers in the distance.

June 29 sea

June 29 shingle

It's sunny this morning, but nice and cool because of the breeze blowing off the sea. I went as far as the lagoon, then walked back along Kingsway past the miniature golf course and the bowling greens behind the beach huts. Looks like it's ideal weather for taking to the water...

June 29 kayak 

Turned up the other side of Princes Crescent and walked past lots of colourful gardens before arriving home.

June 29 tamarisk

Tamarisk (above) and broom (below) seem to be favourite garden plants round here - they both do well in salty and windy conditions.

June 29 broom

And on a knitting note, Hypoteneuse is finished. Well, apart from blocking, but that's another story...

Hypoteneuse finished

Hypoteneuse finished 2


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