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WWKIP on the beach

Saturday sea and other things

Saturday sea and Saturday rooftops.

Saturday sea 7 June 2008

Saturday rooftops 7 June 2008

Looks like the weather might be nice today!

A quick aside: I don't like the new Typepad interface - it's definitely not WYSIWYG when you compose a post and the line spacing's all over the place, not to mention the pictures. Grumble, grumble...

I've been dyeing - terribly satisfying for the part of me that loves getting my hands dirty. I haven't dyed properly for years, apart from the odd Kool Aided skein, and I'm enjoying it.

Dyeing 1

Dyeing 2

Dyeing 3


I finally got round to buying some of these


No excuse now

and now have no excuse for this sort of bad behaviour...


Really lovely colours - the green is so vibrant!

love the colours!

easily confused woman doesn't understand the connection between the wool and the 'recreation mats'. can you explain please? Liked the green though. got any spare ... ?

Muffin, the mats are big foam playmats that fit together like a jigsaw and they're great for pinning out and blocking shawls and other large pieces of knitting. The last picture shows a bag of unblocked shawls which will soon, hopefully, be blocked and ready to wear. Glad you liked the green wool, but there's none left, I'm afraid. I dyed four skeins for a friend and she snapped them up....

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