WWKIP on the beach
A short morning walk, plus a little knitting content


Well, the longest day didn't look very promising! Cold, wet, grey and windy....where's the summer?

Saturday sea 21 June 2008  

I've been busy; a little knitting, more dyeing.

Hypoteneuse detail  

Mmmm, Silk Garden...

Hypoteneuse half finished  

This is Hypoteneuse by Anne Hanson knitted in Silk Garden, colour 226. I'm about halfway and the pattern's perfect for non-concentrating knitting - easy, but there's enough going on to stop it being boring!

More dyeing  

Nice and colourful, eh? I'm having fun trying out lots of dyeing techniques - the flat smells of wet wool and vinegar. Flossie's not impressed.

On a Typepad note, I think I've finally sorted out picture and text placing by fiddling with a few settings - fingers crossed...


Glad the weather can be unpleasant *without* me being there to cause it!

Luscious colours!

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