It's an age thing...
A gadget too far

I feel a new blanket coming on

Hex stash

I'm using up some of my stash of DK leftovers - this lot is one of my favourite yarns ever, the now-oh-so-sadly-discontinued Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK.

Hex 1  

A classic hexagon crochet block - easy to work, fun to stripe and I can join them together as I go, so no sewing up required. Must remember to darn the ends in as I work....

Hex centres 

I've made all the centres - 46 hexagons should be enough to make a smallish blanket, plus some half blocks. Flossie may be the owner of this when it's finished...


You are very disiplined making all the centres first. I would have got bored after the first dozen!

What an attractive block. Lucky Flossie, her very own designer blanket.

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