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Celebrating Amy 1913-1998

Amy, Elsie, Arthur 1914

With parents Elsie and Arthur, Leicester, 1914

Amy 1932  

First year at teacher training college, Bingley, Yorkshire, 1932.

Amy 1934

First teaching post, Goole, Yorkshire, 1934

Amy, John 1939

With my Dad, John, before they were married, c 1939

Amy, Elsie, Amy, Jan 1948

Four generations, 1948

Amy, Jan 1950

With me, Withernsea, Yorkshire, 1950

Amy mid 70's 2

Head teacher, Boothferry Road School, Goole, Yorkshire, mid 1970s

Amy, Jan, Roger 1978

With me (sporting a dubious Kevin Keegan curly perm) and my cousin Rog, Rugby, Warwickshire, 1978

Amy, Jan 1987

In the garden of the house we shared, London, 1987

You wait ages for one

then several come along at once. Equally true of buses and blog posts...

Anyway, I meant to upload this post and the previous two in some sort of sensible order, but (as my mum was so fond of saying) I'd forget my head if it was loose. Met up with several local knitters on Friday in Preston Park for an afternoon of knitting, chatting, sitting in the sunshine, eating strawberries and making plans. Peri made cakes - here's Karen holding her extra-special birthday one!

Karen birthday 1

Stop Press! Visitor brings good weather

Liz came down for the day yesterday and the weather was fine; a little windy, but dry and sunny. This is a Blog-Worthy Happening of Note as Liz and bad weather usually arrive on the same train. This isn't an exclusively Brighton & Hove phenomenon; it used to happen regularly when we met up in London.

Hove beach 5 July 2

We had a lovely day. A long walk along the seafront, pausing to watch the waves at high tide

Hove beach 5 July 4

and groups of windsurfers skimming across the sea like clouds of glistening dragonflies. We had lunch here, did a little knitting, nattering, yarn and book swopping, then it was time to head to the station for the journey back to Waterbeach. Liz gave me a skein of yarn pron HandMaiden Casbah brought back from her holiday in Canada - all my favourite colours.

Casbah 1

Casbah 2

Casbah 3

Heading over to Ravelry now to check out what I can make with 325m of merino/cashmere goodness...

A gadget too far

I like new shiny gadgets as much as the next person, but a jam maker?

Gadget too far

I reckon the joke's on the person who shells out £80 for this... In my world, adding fruit, sugar and water to a battered old preserving pan = delicious jam plus the satisfaction of making it all myself. Oh, and the pleasure of not spending £80.

I feel a new blanket coming on

Hex stash

I'm using up some of my stash of DK leftovers - this lot is one of my favourite yarns ever, the now-oh-so-sadly-discontinued Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK.

Hex 1  

A classic hexagon crochet block - easy to work, fun to stripe and I can join them together as I go, so no sewing up required. Must remember to darn the ends in as I work....

Hex centres 

I've made all the centres - 46 hexagons should be enough to make a smallish blanket, plus some half blocks. Flossie may be the owner of this when it's finished...