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Stop Press! Visitor brings good weather

Liz came down for the day yesterday and the weather was fine; a little windy, but dry and sunny. This is a Blog-Worthy Happening of Note as Liz and bad weather usually arrive on the same train. This isn't an exclusively Brighton & Hove phenomenon; it used to happen regularly when we met up in London.

Hove beach 5 July 2

We had a lovely day. A long walk along the seafront, pausing to watch the waves at high tide

Hove beach 5 July 4

and groups of windsurfers skimming across the sea like clouds of glistening dragonflies. We had lunch here, did a little knitting, nattering, yarn and book swopping, then it was time to head to the station for the journey back to Waterbeach. Liz gave me a skein of yarn pron HandMaiden Casbah brought back from her holiday in Canada - all my favourite colours.

Casbah 1

Casbah 2

Casbah 3

Heading over to Ravelry now to check out what I can make with 325m of merino/cashmere goodness...


I don't think I mentioned that I had my usual effect when I went to Montreal. Twice, as I went away and came back! Didn't manage it in Toronto though...

Have finally blogged the rest of the Canadian yarn pr0n...

wow your photos and yarn match really well! (was that planned or a happy accident?), anyway I love your yarn choices - the colours are seriously delectable, I am deeply envious

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