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This and that, part 2

OK, knitting. I'm knitting this for the Ravelympics Shawl Relay in hand dyed 4ply merino; the original's done in KSH (not my favourite yarn) and I wanted something thicker/warmer/easier to knit.

Ravelympics day two

It's also a good opportunity to rescue block some of the knitting I finished before I moved recently. This is the Seraphim Shawl from MimKnits blocking face down on the bed. Well, a corner anyway - it's huge! The yarn is potluck CTH Supersock Merino bought from Gill at Ally Pally.

Seraphim blocking 2

More crochet is taking place; same pattern, different colours.

Hex blanket mark two

Hex blanket mark two detail

This blanket's for me. I need something to stop my bum from going numb when I'm sitting on the balcony, so Flossie's going to lose out this time.

Legs and tail

This and that, part 1

First off - the weather - changeable to say the least! I took this photo on Saturday morning;

Saturday sea August 9

by the time I'd made a cup of coffee, the sun had disappeared and it had started to rain and blow a gale. This is August?

Balcony table

Now I have a balcony table, I'd been planning to sit in the sunshine and knit. It's a lovely little table that a friend found in the street near where he lives. The top's handpainted with strawberries and a wasp.

Balcony table detail

On the knitting front, I've started my Ravelympics project (Seascape Stole) and blocked a shawl that's been hanging around since last October.

Photos to follow as Typepad is in 'What photo? Oh, that photo; that's not a valid file. Let's eat the post instead' mode and I don't want to push my luck...