This and that, part 1
Crossed the finish line...

This and that, part 2

OK, knitting. I'm knitting this for the Ravelympics Shawl Relay in hand dyed 4ply merino; the original's done in KSH (not my favourite yarn) and I wanted something thicker/warmer/easier to knit.

Ravelympics day two

It's also a good opportunity to rescue block some of the knitting I finished before I moved recently. This is the Seraphim Shawl from MimKnits blocking face down on the bed. Well, a corner anyway - it's huge! The yarn is potluck CTH Supersock Merino bought from Gill at Ally Pally.

Seraphim blocking 2

More crochet is taking place; same pattern, different colours.

Hex blanket mark two

Hex blanket mark two detail

This blanket's for me. I need something to stop my bum from going numb when I'm sitting on the balcony, so Flossie's going to lose out this time.

Legs and tail


Ooo so many pretty things. My favourite is Flossie's paws though ;-)

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