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It's National Knitting Week next month. Brighton & Hove Stitch 'n' Bitch have been making seasonal fruit and veg to display in the Tearoom at Hove Museum; these are my contributions,


Blackberries detail   

a handful of blackberries and a pair of pears.

Pair of pears 1 

Pair of pears 2 

The knitted blackberries and leaves are my design, but I can't take credit for the shapely crochet pears - they're made from a free pattern by Cupcake. You can find the pattern on her blog, crochetroo.


mmmmm, good enough to eat!

I think they both look great - love the blackberries, so pretty.

The fruits look sweet and good enough to eat I wish was close enough to see the exhibition....

The blackberries are just gorgeous!

So very cute!

Hi Wibbo

Wot gorgeous blackberries, have you got a pattern for them?

Knitted hugs

Joanne :-)

Oh what a lovely pear! (groan)......

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