Back soon...
Glimpses of Brighton...

Here we go again

Weather Obsessed Knitter here, reporting from my observation post on the south coast. We've had a tiny bit of sunshine, the odd day of blue sea and sky

Saturday sea August 23

sandwiched between day after day of cold wind and rain,

Rain and more rain September 2

but the worst thing about the weather is the depressing greyness and lack of light.

August 20 sea

Wet and grey September 2

I've checked several long-range forecasts, looking in vain for some sunshine. Weather report ends...

I did have colourful birthday presents though...


Birthday flowers

Baby alpaca, cashmere, beads



Happy Birthday. Just to let you know, the weather is just as weird here in the Midlands.

I was eyeing the thermostat longingly yesterday, its freezing aswell as wet in Brighton! But you aren't alone.

What a lovely array of birthday presents -lucky you! The cactus are particularly nice - tee hee!! Lx

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