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It's National Knitting Week next month. Brighton & Hove Stitch 'n' Bitch have been making seasonal fruit and veg to display in the Tearoom at Hove Museum; these are my contributions,


Blackberries detail   

a handful of blackberries and a pair of pears.

Pair of pears 1 

Pair of pears 2 

The knitted blackberries and leaves are my design, but I can't take credit for the shapely crochet pears - they're made from a free pattern by Cupcake. You can find the pattern on her blog, crochetroo.

We have shadows

September 20 shadows 2 

September 20 shadows 1 

and we all know that shadows mean sunshine (and lots of traffic heading down to the seaside car park).

September 20 traffic 

The sea is remarkably blue, although the horizon is still rather hazy.

September 20 Saturday sea 

We also have eye candy

September 20 pink orchid 2 

but absolutely no knitting progress to show you. The green shawl is finished, but not yet blocked. After the wall-to-wall froggerama of earlier this week, several skeins of yarn have hit the dyepot and are dripping all over drying, ready to start something new.

Examining my reluctance

Reluctance to finish some knitted projects, that is. Said projects have been hanging around for several months; listing them on Ravelry as WIPs hasn't helped. It's a case of love the yarn; love the pattern; hate to admit that yarn, pattern and colour look rubbish together.


Winding frogged yarn into balls is very satisfying. And adds to my yarn stash at no extra cost...

On the border

I've been knitting away on this shawl since the Ravelympics, in between finishing a couple of pairs of plain vanilla socks.

Outlander September 13 start of border 

Yes, I know it's green, not purple, which is rather surprising but I like how the colour's knitting up. The pattern is Claire's Shawl; it's the first time I've knitted a square shawl in the round. At the moment, the knitting looks like a big bunched-up blob but I have high hopes that the shawl will block beautifully. The yarn is the-now-sadly-discontinued Jaeger MatchMaker Merino 4ply hand dyed in shades of green with a dash of soft chestnut brown here and there.

Outlander border detail 

I've finished the body of the shawl and started the knitted-on edging. 10 repeats done; 110 still to go, not to mention the corner charts. To paraphrase Captain Oates, I may be some time....

September 13 Flossie in sunshine

Here we go again

Weather Obsessed Knitter here, reporting from my observation post on the south coast. We've had a tiny bit of sunshine, the odd day of blue sea and sky

Saturday sea August 23

sandwiched between day after day of cold wind and rain,

Rain and more rain September 2

but the worst thing about the weather is the depressing greyness and lack of light.

August 20 sea

Wet and grey September 2

I've checked several long-range forecasts, looking in vain for some sunshine. Weather report ends...

I did have colourful birthday presents though...


Birthday flowers

Baby alpaca, cashmere, beads