Winter's here


What's "Naughty Knitting"?
Can't wait to see the photo's!

I wish it wasn't on a Saturday as it looks like it could be fun

I second Julie. A burlesque-style knitting workshop? Oh, wow!

waah! I knew I should have done a web version :D maybe a button or something...

Oooo it's getting scary
real now - I feel like I'm eat/sleep/breathing it! In a good way though.

Kate, a blog button would be good. When you have time, of course ;D

What is project 365 ? I keep seeing references to it on your blog,

Hi Carol! Project 365 is a commitment to take a photograph every day for a year and post it on your blog. My photos run from January 1 2007 to December 31 2007 and I'm thinking it of doing it again in 2009 - it's very enjoyable!

It looks like a Jan special (afghan, I mean)!

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