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Cat, with added knitting content

Flossie is a PIA to photograph. A black cat is tricky anyway (think big black blob effect instead of cute smiley kitty), even when she doesn't move the instant you click...

October 14 can't keep still 

I'm knitting, but have been rather bad blogging about it. The Big Current Project is Summer into Fall, knitted in some of my hand dyed laceweight. Ooooh, look - purples! No surprise there then.

October 13 Summer into Fall 

This is the first time I've knitted a shawl starting with a few stitches at the centre - I'm enjoying the process. Yarn looks OK too...

There have been the usual multiple pairs of plain vanilla socks on the go.

October 15 socks 

Left to right: Trekking XXL, Lorna's Laces in Wisteria with toes, heels and cuffs in Grapevine, el cheapo German sock yarn (originally school grey; hand painted in dark red and blue with some of the base colour left undyed).


Conkers always blinks as I hit the button and his lovely green eyes are gone and the blackness makes his face indistinct. I know he does it on purpose, cos that's what cats do.

Am loving the purple lace!

Love the purple lace (what a surprise), I think that that style of shawl is my favourite to knit, I never was very happy with patterns that started "cast on 299 sts..."

The shawl looks lervley!! I wish you luck as it gets bigger. I checked out the piccie on the website - it's HUGE! Your dyed grey socks have given me an idea. I've got some inspiring grey sock wool too..... :-D x

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