It's Saturday again

Green and gold; plus purple

This month's Get Knitted Sock Club yarn is lovely; rich greens and gold.

October 21 sock club 2 

The colourway's called 'Irish Jig', but I think it's much more Klimt than that...

 October 21 sock club 1 

I like sock clubs. You feel the pain of forking out the money (that's over and done with very quickly), then packages of scrummy yarn appear by magic throughout the year...

I'm plugging away with the purple shawl and I'm about six rounds from the end of chart 3. This chart has caused much swearing and ripping back - nothing wrong with the chart, just my lack of concentration and the wrong number of yarn overs every so often. It's looking good though!

October 21 summer into fall 1 

October 21 summer into fall 2 

Flossie's unimpressed by my knitting and would like you to know that there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good scratch...

October 19 action shot


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