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It's Saturday again

This week seems to have disappeared and it's the weekend again. I've spent quite a lot of time knitting The Purple Thing, but apart from that, I don't seem to have done much. Oh, I cast on a new sock. This is Tonks from Opal's Harry Potter collection bought at P2tog. I love pink and yellow together!

October 23 Tonks

Haven't shown you Saturday sky/sea photos for a few weeks - these were taken very early this morning.

October 25 Saturday sky 

October 25 Saturday sea

Green and gold; plus purple

This month's Get Knitted Sock Club yarn is lovely; rich greens and gold.

October 21 sock club 2 

The colourway's called 'Irish Jig', but I think it's much more Klimt than that...

 October 21 sock club 1 

I like sock clubs. You feel the pain of forking out the money (that's over and done with very quickly), then packages of scrummy yarn appear by magic throughout the year...

I'm plugging away with the purple shawl and I'm about six rounds from the end of chart 3. This chart has caused much swearing and ripping back - nothing wrong with the chart, just my lack of concentration and the wrong number of yarn overs every so often. It's looking good though!

October 21 summer into fall 1 

October 21 summer into fall 2 

Flossie's unimpressed by my knitting and would like you to know that there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good scratch...

October 19 action shot

Cat, with added knitting content

Flossie is a PIA to photograph. A black cat is tricky anyway (think big black blob effect instead of cute smiley kitty), even when she doesn't move the instant you click...

October 14 can't keep still 

I'm knitting, but have been rather bad blogging about it. The Big Current Project is Summer into Fall, knitted in some of my hand dyed laceweight. Ooooh, look - purples! No surprise there then.

October 13 Summer into Fall 

This is the first time I've knitted a shawl starting with a few stitches at the centre - I'm enjoying the process. Yarn looks OK too...

There have been the usual multiple pairs of plain vanilla socks on the go.

October 15 socks 

Left to right: Trekking XXL, Lorna's Laces in Wisteria with toes, heels and cuffs in Grapevine, el cheapo German sock yarn (originally school grey; hand painted in dark red and blue with some of the base colour left undyed).

Oooooh, nice!

Blog award copy

Awarded by Annie of Up Knit Creek - thanks, Annie, I'm deeply honoured!

My duties as an award winner are to:

1. post this award on my blog;
2. add a link to the person who sent me the award;
3. nominate at least 4 other bloggers, and add their links as well;
4. leave a comment at the new recipients’ blogs, so they know they got an award.

Now, choosing the blogs to nominate is really hard. There are so many funny/informative/colourful blogs that I read regularly but I've narrowed my choice down to these four:

1. Liz of Knitting on the Green because we're good friends in Real Life; she knits up a storm as well as writing a great blog.

2. Yvonne of And All That Stash. She's the one who got me into blogging in the first place and could do with a bit of appreciation right now.

3. Peri of Knit and Natter for instigating Friday afternoon knitting, entertaining me with stories of her menagerie and knitting great socks.

4. Elizabeth of Deep Sea Knitting for her lovely, stylish photos taken for Project 365.

October 5 gull 

I deserve an award for being the coldest, wettest and most pissed off seagull on Hove beach....