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Staying at home today


I like winter as a time of year, but this month is too remembrance-heavy to feel comfortable. It's 41 years today since my dad died, aged 58. I treasure his wartime journal, written between 1943 and 1945 in various RAF camps throughout France, Italy and Egypt (he used a small loose-leaf notebook, presumably the Forties equivalent of a slim Filofax) and posted it home in chunks to my mum in Yorkshire.

Nov 12 diary 1  

Nov 12 diary 2 

Nov 12 diary 3 

The last entry in his journal reads 'Good news tonight & today. Russians in Berlin. Forces, US & Russians, only 25 kilometres apart on Dresden front.'

It sends a shiver down my spine...


What a piece of history - just from the photographs it looks amazing.

That looks like a wonderful interesting read.

What an extraordinarily precious thing to have.

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