Knitters are the best, especially when they're on safari

Safari trophies

I ignored my yarn hunter/killer instincts and I was restrained, very restrained...

Nov 8 yarn swap 

A skein of Schaefer Anne (lovely yarn, one of my favourites) from Sussex Yorkie on the swap stall,

Nov 11 cashmere cowl 

a gorgeously soft cashmere cowl knitted by Annie of Up Knit Creek (it's actually black, but neither my camera or photo software can cope with the colour)

Nov 11 yarn bowl detail 

Nov 11 yarn bowl 

and one of Mike's yarn bowls (he's snorkel on ravely) with a beautiful speckled blue and white glaze. I fancy doing some two-colour knitting (haven't knitted more than one colour-per-row since I was a teenager) and the bowl is ideal as it's got two yarn feeder slots. The bowl's bigger than it looks in the photos - that's a 100g ball of sock yarn sitting inside it.

I won a raffle prize of two craft books (I never win things usually; I'm not counting that half gallon plastic container of dry sherry c1976) and Suemoon brought me a Pay it Forward* gift - one of her super duper sock bags.

Nov 8 knittiotherapy sock bag 

I chose the colour - it goes perfectly with my new yarn.

* More about Pay it Forward in the next post or so, including the chance to win a gift and pay something forward yourself...


What no purple ;-)

I won a shawl of yours in a Suemoon raffle :-)

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