Sunset obsessive reporting...
Wet, wet, wet

Sunset obsessive reporting, part two...

Thanks to the Help Desk* at Typepad, I can show you the rest of the sunset pictures that should have been uploaded with the previous post




and yesterday's sunset which was even more spectacular. All photos are straight out of the camera (apart from lowering the res) and the colours really were that lurid in Real Life.


You may have noticed that I have a bit of a thing about sunsets...

*Typepad's techies are easy to contact, really helpful and don't keep you hanging around for days waiting for an answer. I'm impressed.


I nearly crashed the car yesterday as I was staring at the sunset in the rear-view mirror instead of looking where I was going...ooops! It was stunning.

Last nights sunset was totally fantastic. J and I watched it out over the sea as the colours darkened and deepened, every change in shade was breathtaking.

Wow! The purples and blues in that last one are amazing!

I think you should dye up some sunset yarn - particularly the last one

we've had some lovely ones lately haven't we? hurrah for pollution!

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