I would like to...

Pass the bucket

The gushing twaddle you find in most of the US yarn companies' newsletters makes me gag. This fine example is from today's Berrocco KnitBits...

Just what is a recessionista? New York Times writer Natasha Singer defines this resourceful individual as a “style maven on a budget.” In today's economy, fashion devotees ride out lean times by turning to diffusion lines, consignment boutiques or auction websites. Knitters are natural born recessionistas who can easily reinvent their wardrobes without emptying their wallets.


I never knew there was a knitters-only version of the post-modernist essay generator... (check the original at )

hahaha - yeah I laughed my socks off at that, glad it wasn't just me being in a grump. who the hell thinks it's (always) cheaper to knit your own, for a start? oh yeah, and what's a maven? besides, I know it's a free 'news'letter, but to offer as news something which is essentially paraphrasing another person's article just seems reeeeally lazy...

You're right.......Pass the Bucket!

Do they mean we all spent money previously and so have enough stash to last us a while, or do they mean we can "make do or mend," or do they mean a new hat perks up any outfit, or what exactly do they mean?


I am still guffawing at your expression "gushing twaddle". :)

I don't even know what diffusion lines or consignment boutiques are. Should I feel relieved - or guilty? The idea of anyone metamorphosing from total fashion victim to scrimper & saver overnight is quite chuckle-worthy.

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