Pass the bucket
Stop knitting and feed me. Now.


RANT away!

no hot water? ouch! on the other hand, it's a GORgeous day today and your flat is WAY less cluttered than mine :D

But that looks like 'tidy' clutter :-)


Call that clutter, I raise you (on my desk at the moment) a camera, camera case, various computer leads, alex's hand cream, bits of cardboard from cutting out a birthday card, two pens (only one of which works)random leaflets, a box on 2 by 4 inch cards, my needle bag, a holiday change purse, a postcard and a ramekin dish used for drawing circles. I could go on...

Believe me luv that ain't cluttered ;o) hehehe

Hope the hot water situation is cleared up soon though, that's horrid!


Mmm, clutter, don't see any myself. Hope you have hot water now because its freezing today!

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