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Merry Christmas

Quick roundup

I have a cold. A steenkin' cold. A nose-feels-like-a-big-red-balloon cold.

Christmas tree is up and decorated (although the fairy at the top has misplaced her wings - they're held on by a tiny magnet and seem to have disappeared),


Christmas knitting is finished but unbloggable and my purple shawl is progressing slowly.


I've knitted 156 rounds out of 180 and the shawl's reached elephant's underpants size (technical term; copyright Blogless Linda) and each round takes ages. And concentration which is somewhat lacking right now.

Time for a hot drink and more paracetamol, I think.


Tree, tree, knew I was missing something. Your shawl looks good but very daunting with that many stitches. Wrap up warm.

ooh I like the tree! I haven't put one up yet - not even sure if I can be bothered... lol.
sorry to hear about the cold - if you get caught short & need someone to do a pharmaceutical rescue mission do feel free to gimme a shout!

I'm with you with the steenkin' cold! I have had mine a fortnight and have not had the energy to put the tree up yet........

Bah! Who needs colds at Christmas time? Shouldn't be allowed ;)

Get better soon - and I love the jumper ornament :))

I apologise. That cold is probably all my fault. Tree looks ace, although I can't quite figure out if it's a really small tree with normal sized baubles, or a normal sized tree with really big baubles!

gorgeous tree, fabulous shawl, rotten cold. Hope you feel better quickly.

Emma, I think it's Typhoid Mary's cold! It's a very small tree with big baubles :-)

Gorgeous tree.

Hope your cold soon passes.


Hope you are soon feeling much better!

I do love that technical term and must remember to use it in casual conversation...

Hope the fairy is reunited with her wings at some stage soon

Hmm I fear that I may have been the bearer of germs. I am only just beginning to feel human again. It really is a stinker of a cold. I have tree up but undecorated and a cake but no icing. Jobs for tomorrow. Its "burning the clocks" tomorrow night if you fancy a good photo opportunity. X Typhoid Mary/ Tigermouse

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