A clear and frosty morning
Piggin' weather


Sad isn't it? I adored and still do Noggin, Bagpuss etc. J and I watched them over and over when he was little and we still do occasionally on a rainy winter day.

Do you know I actually followed Noggin the Nog and Ivor the Engine every week - can't remember if it was Saturday teatime or Sunday but I was glued! I still have a couple of books too...

I loved Noggin the Nog, but best of all was Pogles Wood. (I spent rather a lot of time berating radio and tv presenters yesterday for failing to mention Pogles Wood!)

Very sad... I had to get Bagpuss out yesterday and rewatch it, classic stuff. I loved Ivor the Engine too!

This is a great loss but it's good that the media I have read has focussed on how he wouldn't get a look in these days and how poorer the world would be if so. I don't think I have ever seen Bagpuss. I adore the Clangers and coming from a family of train-spotters Ivor was essential viewing.

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