Also in green

Looks familiar


After my whinges about not all DK yarns being equal, I did more knitting. The base yarn is Jaeger Matchmaker DK in pale grey, hand painted with green, blue and burnt orange (a pretty disgusting combination in theory, but I wanted to use up dye leftovers - not bad in real life now it's knitted up, but the colours pool like the devil on the mittens). I added earflaps and i-cord ties to the hat and still had about 18g left out of the 100g that I painted.


Note to self: Find a new pattern to knit - it's beginning to feel like Groundhog Day round here...


Have you tried winghams super wash DK, really nice yarn and really good value for money. Doesn't seem to be on their website but I can check it out for you next month if you like.

Knit Flowers!

Ooh - photo trickery. Come on - did the mitts pool the same on both hands?? Enquiring minds...

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