Happy New Year
Forest Fern Scarf

Warm hands

I received lots of lovely Christmas presents (from lots of lovely people) but I thought I'd show you these first.


Aren't they gorgeous? Knitted for me by Liz, they are lovely and warm and were tested out on a long walk by the sea this morning. I now appreciate why Scandiwegians and other folks living in cold climates have such a long and colourful history of mitten knitting!




Glorious festive mittens.

They look warm and cosy

I love those! They will keep you warm and happy. Who wouldn't be happy with those colours?

Happy 2009!

Ooooh! Those is warmz and cozy. Will they make an appearance tomorrow?

So lovely-- they'll brighten up any winter's day!

How beautiful! I could barely see them in the gloomsome light at t'Sanctuary!! Nice and toasty.....

These mittens are simply delicious! Love the colours! Love the texture!
Love everything about them!

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