I'm going to have fun with this!
Knitting to show...

Wet and windy

The weather, that is. I'm sneezin' and sniffin' and wondering when this damn cold will go away for good. It's been hanging around for weeks; a few days of feeling fine alternating with a couple of days of feeling lousy. Rinse and repeat...


Flossbag has the right idea. Bag a warm spot, curl up and ignore everything else in the whole wide world.


I live in Poets Corner so the view from my window is the same as yours and I have to confess that today I have copied your cat and taken to my bed. I hope your cold clears up soon, they're too miserable.
btw I love your photos of Hove.

My prescription is large bowls of Hot and Sour soup to force it out!

I hope your cold gets better soon, you need some Queensland sunshine :)

Get better soon, lots of vitamin c!

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