Feels like spring is on the way
I've been busy

Pink Project Auction

Last year over 200 worldwide knitters and crocheters created pieces of freeform knitting and crochet as contributions towards Prudence Mapstone's Pink Project. Prudence has made wonderful things from the pieces she received and they are now being auctioned to raise money for breast cancer charities. You can see the pieces here; they really are stunning! 

This was piece I made; now it's part of the front of an amazing shawl.


There's more information about the Pink Project and how the auction works here. There's also a Ravelry group, The Pink Project.


How strange is that! I was looking at Prudence Mapstone's work only this morning! I love your pink bit.

Found it! Shawl, Item 1, right? Your lovely scrumble found a deserving and eye-catching space!

Love the seeds / beads. And the colours... this is true pink!!!

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