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I've been busy

I've had a bout of finishing things. Not my favourite occupation, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and force yourself...


I'm pleased with this one! Cast on in October, It was a bit of a struggle finishing the last ten or so rounds as there were well over 700 stitches on the needle.

I've also blocked several shawls that were knitted over the last couple of years, then stuffed in a drawer and definitely weren't ready to wear. This is one of them, a rectangular wrap in Colinette Cadenza.


I've also knitted (and blocked!) a scarf-size Ishbel by Isolda Teague using my hand dyed 4ply merino,



crocheted a couple of easy shawls in Noro Silk Garden


and made some colourful swatches for a workshop.


I think I need to go have a little lie down now... 


Workshop? Can you reveal any details??

I particularly like the top left ripple sample (dark colours).

The workshop's been and gone a couple of weeks ago! I can send you that ripple pattern in the post if you like :oD

Well worth the effort! It's beautiful, even the swatches are gorgeous.

Well done on the finishing, they all look fantastic. I'm the opposite, can't wait to block out lace shawls - the only finishing I don't mind.

fabulous colours Jan especially the purple:)

That's not busy, that's manic. All lovely usual :D

Talented, talented, talented !!!!!!

They're all gorgeous! The purple shawl is especially amazing though - I do love the colour combos you pick :)

what beautiful colourwork

Wow, you have been busy! I'm knitting an Ishbel at the moment. I'm hoping to finish it by Thursday night for a party. Not sure whether it'll be ready or not!

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