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Where does it go?

Time, that is. Two weeks of my life have shot past without me getting round to posting anything. Not even a picture...

I've been busy (how I ever found time to work before I retired beats me) but some of what I've been doing is unbloggable as yet. My Obsession of the Moment is this book

Estonian lace 

and the more I look at the designs, the more I want to knit each and every one of them. I've started with the Triinu Scarf, adding beads instead of working the nupps.



The yarn is a skein of Schaefer Anne which came from the swap stall at last year's Knitting Safari; the size 6 beads are iridescent topaz and pick up the yarn colours nicely. I've dyed up two lots of laceweight for another of the designs - can't decide which of the colourways I like best. Yesterday I cast on a couple of plain vanilla socks to keep my fingers busy while I think about it.


These are 75% BFL/25% nylon; the pale-but-interesting dip-dyed colourway is called Tourmaline.


Dip-dyed bog-standard 75% wool/25% nylon sock yarn, colourway Steel City Shades.