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Knit & Natter at Scoop & Crumb

We had a different venue for Friday afternoon knitting this week - upstairs at Scoop & Crumb in Brighton. More nattering and scoffing than knitting took place; the ice cream sundaes were superb.


Cinnamon and ginger (I had this one - mmmmm);


coconut and Bounty bars;


strawberries and cream; vanilla and marshmallows



and another cinnamon and ginger. There were other sundaes, equally delicious, but folks kept eating far too quickly for me to take decent photos...

It's gone missing again

My knitting mojo, that is. I can just about manage socks at the moment. I keep seeing designs on Ravelry that I rather like, but nothing's grabbing my attention enough to cast on.

When knitting doesn't appeal, I turn to crochet. After sorting out my stash a couple of weeks ago (had to buy some more, er, storage boxes to prevent it escaping) I'm using up bits of Noro, Maya, Malabrigo and other stuff and mindlessly crocheting them into big buckets and rectangles. When the pieces are chucked in the washing machine, they'll felt and make pots, bags or cushion covers. There may be a comfy felted bed for The Flossbag as well.