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Knit & Natter at Scoop & Crumb

We had a different venue for Friday afternoon knitting this week - upstairs at Scoop & Crumb in Brighton. More nattering and scoffing than knitting took place; the ice cream sundaes were superb.


Cinnamon and ginger (I had this one - mmmmm);


coconut and Bounty bars;


strawberries and cream; vanilla and marshmallows



and another cinnamon and ginger. There were other sundaes, equally delicious, but folks kept eating far too quickly for me to take decent photos...


Right.......I'm definitely on my way to Brighton!

Wow, that looks amazing.

Me too :)

swoon, drool, envy...

YuM!! - Im sure this cafe was shown on a holiday travel show here, I remember those fantastic looking sundaes they showed the host eating!

Beautiful fotos. Makes me want to come flying to Brighton all the way from Texas!!! :)

Ok, that is just cruel to post these! The cinnamon and ginger sounds wonderful!

Wow - what a great place to have a knitting club meet! Wish we had a place like that down near where I live in Devon!

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