Shh! I'm busy...

A few highlights

Busy times at Wibbo Towers! I had a great time at Sam and Dan's wedding which was followed by lunch with the DC&A'ers (no link - it's a Ravelry thing), then knitting in the sunshine at the Pavilion Cafe.


There has been sewing going on


and much knitting. The Big Brown Blob is finished, the halves are joined together ready for blocking. I want to offer this design as a free Ravelry pattern, so I'm knitting it again in laceweight (Jaggerspun Zephyr in plum). This will check that I've avoided making mistakes in the charts/instructions and also let me adjust the number of repeats to suit a thinner yarn.


I'm also whizzing though knitting Laura Chau's Milkweed, a lovely scarf/shawlette pattern, in Hand Maiden Casbah. (Thanks for the yarn, Liz!). The yarn is gorgeous to knit with and the pattern charts are nicely done - what more can a knitter ask for?




Flossie, as usual, has been busy doing Sweet FA...



You haven't taught Flossie to knit then?

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